The Questions

There are a million questions I COULD ask but these are the ones I’ve come up with so far. I don’t feel the need to ask directly about the murder (ie what exactly happened as the murder was happening) but I do have questions about what happened right before or right after. I do wonder if the audience notices anything missing (there’s so much to consider) or has questions themselves. Third part perspective is always interesting.


Were you high at the time of the murder?


When did you all decide to kill them? (A day before? A week? An Hour?)


Who came up with the plan?


Who decided to kill them?


How did you decide how to kill them?


How did you feel about it afterward?


Do you regret it happening?


Did you help hide the bodies?


Did you ever consider that you might get caught during the planning?


When did you know you were caught?


Why did you accept the plea deal?


Did you tell anyone about the murder before you were caught?


Did you live with your parents at the time?


Did they know something was up?


Do your parents come and see you in prison?


Do you have any other visitors?


Do you have any contact with the other three?


What about their family?


Have you committed crimes in Jail?


Does that mean you have more jail time?


How Long?


Does that mean you might have to serve parole when you get out?


Have you been able to work in prison?


Go to school?


If you could go to school now what would you want to study?


Have you had any therapy?


Can you tell me what an average day looks like in here?


There’s a good chance you’ll get out one day…


Do you have plans?


Do you think about it?


What kind of work would you want to do if you did get out?


Do you think you should be able to get out one day?


Do you think your sentence was fair?


Have you forgiven yourself?


Do you use drugs in prison?


Do you consider (or considered) yourself an addict?


If so do you go to 12 step meetings in jail if offered?


Before all this happened, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Does that still appeal to you?


Do you believe in God?


Do you go to prison worship services in prison?


Do you experience your belief in some other way?


Do you think God forgives you?



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One thought on “The Questions

  1. “What does it mean to you to talk to me?”
    “What are you hoping for out of this exchange?”

    You are amazing, Hannah.

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