The Speed Bumps

There are always speed bumps I guess. Things change and timing gets thrown off and there’s miscommunication when emotions run high. My best friend can’t go for various reasons so this last week I’ve been scrambling to see if my other friend can go- I asked her a while back to be backup but now with only three weeks to go I wasn’t sure if she could get on board. But she can. She is. So my back-up amazing friend is going with me and I feel okay about it now. I had a mild panic attack about it last week but it worked out. It’s working out.

Then I realized there was a miscommunication in scheduling and I’m still waiting to hear back from the mediator to see if that can be worked out. I wanted to visit the prison on a separate day from the mediation. They accidentally scheduled it on the same day. I’m hoping we can do it on two days because otherwise it’s just too much for me. Just too much. I mean, it can be done and I’ll get through it but I’d prefer for it to be done on different days somehow.

So I’m waiting to hear back.

There’s not a lot to write about. So many emotions are coursing through me on this that its hard to pin anything down. Anxiety, fear, trepidation? All of them? They’re all there and I’m muddling through and finding my way. Slowly, surely in two weeks I’ll be making my way closer to this crazy journey I’ve decided to go on.

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